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Acupuncture · Akashic Records Readings · Aqua Foot Bath with Frequency Wave Technology · Crystal Healing (BioMat Therapy w/Energetic Adjustments) · Skincare · Full-body Waxing · Massage including Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Swedish Integrative, Myofascial, Pregnancy, Trigger Point Therapeutic Massage · Past Life Regression Therapy · Pure, Natural Childbirth Classes · Reiki · Spiritual Advising · Spiritual Restructuring · SRT (Past Life) Clearings · Workshops, classes and presentations

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Our health specialists recommend these treatments:


* Acupuncture Treatment Acupuncture treatments involve the careful insertion of very fine needles into locations on the body known as acupuncture points. The human body has an unique system of specialized points that run along channels, also known as meridians. This system of channels feed energy to the organs of the body. When needles are placed on specific points along the channels, they affect the movement of Qi. Qi is an unique form of energy that flows through all of us. Another way to look at Qi is to picture a wound healing. In order for wounds to heal, energy from the body is needed. The energy is referred to as Qi. Initial 90 Minute Acupuncture Session w/complete health intake-$110, Acupuncture Follow-up $75.


* Akashic Records Readings The more specific the question, the more specific the answer. The practitioner uses a pathway prayer to access information from the Lords of the Records, Masters, Teachers & Past Loved Ones. Client receives a printed copy of the session. $90/hour "The Akashic Records contain everything that every soul has ever thought, said and done over the course of the it's existence, as well as all it's future possibilities. This valuable information can help you with any aspect of your life journey. And because the Records are also a dimension of consciousness, they are available anytime and everywhere." -Linda Howe, Author of Reading the Akashic Records


* Specialized Facial Treatment What makes our Facial Treatments so special? All of our skincare treatments are individually customized to your unique skin concerns. In addition to the standard "cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize", every facial has a combination of enzymes, acids and cell-boosting nutritive serums added to it. Each treatment begins with an assessment of your skin, deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, facial and upper body massage, nutritive mask and sun protection. Our treatments will leave your skin rejuvenated and glowing. $85/60 minutes.

* Spiritual Advising/Coaching Based on Law of Attraction and Four Agreement Concepts, these services are intended to assist you in living a life of great joy and abundance. Past lives may also be visited to help with understanding the lessons from them and how they may be effecting your life now. $90/hour.


* Therapeutic Massage including Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial, Prenatal, Healing Stone, Applied Kinesiology/Meridian Massage and Sports Massage. 30 minute massage-$45, 60 minute massage-$75, 90 minute massage-$110


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